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ball. no word on another presidential run by hillary clinton. our insiders sound off on her chances of success. >> welcome back. the time is 8:00. it's august 18th. good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we will be joined live in studio by the state senator mark. he has been a vocal critic of many of the issues that have stood in the way of the opening of the new bay bridge. >> also raising questions about whether this indicates the state's ability or inability to do other big projects like the delta tunnels being proposed or high-speed rails. home breaking news. >> new details on the person of interest in the caleing of coch. >> randy says that he and her were a loving couple that attended church together and they had plans to get married. he denies harming her in any
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way but violated the conditions of parole by having contact with her. he is charged with not charging the gps tracking device that he was required to wear as a registered sex offender. 50-year-old coch was reported missing by her 15-year-old daughter. she was found in this area. she worked for the public defender's office in sacramento. >> a new lawsuit hopes to take a look at california's prison realignment law. a grandmother is suing the state. saying that prison officials failed to supervise the her grandson. they claim he was released from county jail in stockton after violating parole and went and murdered the grandmother. critics say the law has created early release for dangerous
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offenders. >> three separate shootings in oakland have killed three people in the matter of 24 hours. a woman died in a shooting near 72nd avenue in east oakland. a man was hurt but expected to survive. a 4-year-old child has minor injuries caused by flying glass. so far no suspects have been identified. in a separate shooting near city hall in oakland sent four people to the hospital. it started yesterday afternoon as a car break-in. neighbors chased one of the suspects and recovered the stolen purse. about ten minutes later, the suspected thief came back and started shooting. one woman watched the chain of events from inside her shop across the street. >> the young woman's boyfriend who was not shot actually ran after him, chased him down. him and another bystander chased him down and took a photo. so the police have a photo of the young man. and he circled back and went on and shoot fire.
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>> two men and two women were hurt. one is in critical condition. all four victims are expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. >> meanwhile some of oakland neighborhoods are fed up with all of the violence. john blackstone explains how they are willing to pay for private security now. >> reporter: gunfire has become so common on the streets of oakland, california that even in neighborhoods that seemed immune to the violence, residents are no longer shocked. >> it's like oh, another shooting. >> reporter: jan has lived in the neighborhood for 14 years. it has glorious views across the bay, neat houses and friendly neighbors. >> this is the most wonderful neighborhood i've ever lived in. >> and yet you have to bring in private security to feel safe? >> yeah. >> reporter: with budget cuts forcing oakland to trim the police force by a third, residents decided to pay themselves for private security
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patrols. understandable when you hear this. >> a car came down the street, three guys got out with a gun. there was a gun battle three blocks over. and i did hear actually a bullet went in someone's house. >> reporter: that routine gunfire turned tragic last month. >> our neighbor judy who lived on the next block was shot and killed. >> reporter: judy, a 66-year- old dog walker was murdered as she drove home. who did it and why is unknown. neighbors gathering at the spot where she died fear if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone. john blackstone, cbs news oakland, california. >> as for the woman murdered last month. neighbors say she was in the process of getting petition signed for private security before she was killed. >> black smoke covers idaho where a wildfire is pushing north this morning. 144 square miles of forest have burned in the beaver creek
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fire. 700 firefighters are trying to save the more event but the fire is only 6% contained. more than 2,000 people have been evacuated. >> al goer will give the key note address to the 16th annual lake tahoe summit tomorrow. the former vice president was at the first summit back in 1997. environmentists will talk about the challenges that face the lakes. tahoe had an average depth of 75 feet. >> she has not shared any clues about another presidential run but california voters have something to say about hillary clinton's chances. >> and another look at the safety debate over the new bay bridge. state senator mark joins us next. >> generations of memories. the iconic fun center in the bay center is closing its doors for good. >> doors are opening on a
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beautiful sunday. we have fog along the shoreline. but prospects for some electrifying weather coming in tonight. we will talk about that after a break. final lap for a popular,,,,,,,,,
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malibu grand pri >> it is the final lap for a popular bay area racetrack. they have been offering mini golf since 1979. tonight it is closing for good, leaving a lot of people disappointed. >> the lease came up and we weren't able to come to any agreement that would allow us to stay. >> we don't know what will become of the property off of u.s. highway 101. it is zoned for industrial use. closing time for the malibu grand prix is 8:00 p.m. if you want to go check it out one last time. we will miss seeing that along the highway. i never actually went there but i like it as a site. >> it is a landmark there. it reminds me of the closing of another famous child amusement park in the bay area. you won't know this.
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you might. remember frontier village. >> no. >> it's down where ibm is in san jose. it was a western themed thing. my parents took us there it was so sad -- you remember it, right? >> here we have a look outside. the numbers are mostly in the 60s in the bay area. livermore 63. san francisco just 59. at the airport at old mills field, sfo. santa rosa 59 degrees. we're looking at fire weather alerts in the bay area because we have a slight chance of thunderstorms moving into the bay area after midnight tonight. and that unstable air is going to be around until wednesday. as a result, lightning strike with all of the fuel could cause a problem. this weekend down in san jose, san jose pride taking place today. the temperature there, 85 degrees. looking for something to do. for us in the bay area, it will be sunny earlier today in most locations. it will be much warmer than
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yesterday. five to ten degrees warmer. thunderstorm chance lingers through wednesday. you see the sub tropical moisture coming up through the valley. it is east of the bay area. a few light sprinkles in napa overnight. besides that, not much in the way of moisture. you will find warm temperatures in sacramento. 106 in fresno and 77 in yosemite. temperatures in san francisco 72. livermore up to 100 degrees. san jose at 85. down on the south bay, mid-80s for the most part. 84 in sunny vail. out on the east bay, looking at numbers near 100 today. 97 at pleasanton. 98 at pleasant hill and 99 up in walnut hill. north bay, a little cooler but plenty warm. 85 at the park. the far north we're looking at
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106 and 100 in clear lake. extended forecast, chance of thunderstorms linger right through wednesday. temperatures will cool though with more cloud cover. and it's going to be sticky in the bay area. you will notice a little bit of kansas in terms of humidity for the next couple of days. temperatures will cool in the mid-80s around the bay tomorrow and then the upper 70s for the latter half of the week. in the meantime, the latest on the bay bridge, let's go to ann. >> this week the toll bridge authority approved a temporary fix for the bad bolts on the new eastern span. >> there is risk to the public. there's risk to all of us. if we have a design level event, we want the public on the new safe bridge. >> you have seen these signs on bay area freeways. drivers being warned that the bay bridge will be completely closed down on august 25th at
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8:00 p.m. it will open at september 3rd, at 5:00 a.m. >> for more on the safety concerns of the bay bridge, we turn to the transportation safety committee. >> first question is on this entire issue of the bay bridge, the safety concerns. do you think that this new span is safe enough to open? >> yes. it's always been -- the whole reason that we have gone through the exercise is to people off of the old bridge. we have known since 1989 that the public is at risk on that old bridge. >> there still is a feeling that the $6 billion bridge that went way over cost and took longer than anyone imagined. the idea is let's get it done and done right before we open it. it's still going to need work after it's open. isn't that a concern to people. >> it is. but there's really two issues, phil. one is getting people off of the old bridge on to the new one knowing it's safe. we have had three different independent groups including
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the federal highway administration. they say this will work. we need to get people on the new bridge. the second part and our committee is going to take a lot of time, extra staff, go back through and do a forensic investigation to see what went wrong through the process and learn from our mistakes. >> let's look closer at that. what went wrong, it seemed like everything went wrong with this bridge. >> i used to call it the polterguist project. these big projects have a tendency to go way over budget. this is historic levels nationally as over budget. ten years it was late. it was supposed to be finished in 2003. >> we're going to start and go from that day all the way up to the present. i think we will find there were reasonable things that happened, the price of steel. we had to buy steel from china. they couldn't do the work up to our specifications. there were things like that
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that we could not have anticipated. there is going to be a high level of mismanagement on the project. >> we're talking about caltrans, state agency charged with this. when you say mismanagement, i automatic think of the bolts. what are we talking about. >> i think we will find a lot of things. the original estimate was 1.3 billion. it's $5 billion more. we're going to find out whether we graded them properly with the contractor. it will be an interesting journey finding out what happened. >> this is a glaring example of what the state can and can't do in terms of projects. we have bigger ones in the works. there is a high speed rail approved from san francisco to los angeles that is supposed to get underway. the delta tunnel plan, which is to bore huge tunnels under the delta to ship water to southern california. does this raise concerns about the ability to do those things.
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>> huge concerns. huge concerns. i was a critic of the proposal on high speed rail. the judge decided last week that it was contrary to what the voters voted on. we have a lot of work to do on these big projects. these big institutions at the state, there are a lot of great people working there but they are not responsive to the public. we need to change that. >> we can -- i understand you saying we need to change that. meanwhile we have bridges that go from one billion to $6 billion. like i said, we have the high speed rail coming in at 68 billion now and counting. and they're talking 30 to 40 billion starting. do you think those things are even going to come close to what we're estimating right now. >> if they're not, i do not think so. that's why i voted against high speed rail. at one point it was estimated to be $38 billion. then it was 60. then it was 100. actually it was 100 and then 60. these big projects nationally have a history of this. i think we really need to look at them. if the numbers are not right,
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we would never have done the project in this way if we thought it was going to cost 6.4 billion. >> it would have been good to ask how much it was going to cost. >> we did but we were misled, my view. >> that's comforting. state senator mark, thank you so much. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in martha's vineyard this candidate during her latest appearance in san franisco. although she has not c >> hillary clinton came across like a presidential candidate in her visit to san francisco but she has not committed to another run in 2016. >> we have seen a sweeping effort across the country to obstruct new obstacles to voting. often undercover of addressing a phantom epidemic of election fraud. >> she blasted the supreme court decision to vote down the
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voting rights act. polls show that most californians generally like her. 43% have a favorable opinion of her. and 16% are neutral. her speech in san francisco marks the first of several speeches about democracy in modern times. >> where this is going, we turn to the lieutenant governor and reporter carla. and our first question about hillary's trip to san francisco was, okay, let's gate real. is this the kickoff of a presidential campaign? >> i know the speech was. most would agree the speech was timely and it foretold of subsequent speeches on similar topics she expressed to the audience. >> she laid it out there and got huge attention. everyone saw this as the beginning of the campaign. now they're looking towards who is she going to have working with her? is it going to be some of the
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sharp obama people or the old guards. >> this was the biggest challenge for the clintons. it's what makes them great, not good but their loyalty. it also makes them vulnerable. if there's any reflection on that election is the organization that she had in iowa and new hampshire despite the fact they pulled it off. the challenge for them is to allow for that loyalty to remain in tact. but at the same time move to start building a new team that is more progressive in the way that they orange their campaign strategies. >> speaking of organizing campaign, unlike past clinton visits where she stops at the memorial church or as an intimate dinner fundraiser and six other things. >> coffee at the fairmont. >> you were one of the few people that even saw her. >> i happened to be down the block and heard she was there and decided to join. when she found out i was there, in classic clinton fashion,
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they made sure that i was grabbed, pulled in the back and said hello. but it wasn't the type of organized event that is typical. >> notice they had their feelers out there. they knew who was in the audience and pulled him in. >> of course i will not say what our private conversation was before and after. these guys run on a different plane. you have been critical. obama doesn't. for all of his success, two- term president, remarkable candidate and campaigner, they don't run at that level of loyalty. >> women are hungering for this campaign to be good and strong. >> you know, you pick up the paper today and you will read about howard dean is in iowa. is dean going to jump back in? you have the senator from minnesota and all of these rising star that's we create every other day from mayors,
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mayor castro and corey booker is running for president sometime. sow never know. i think it's a healthy thing to have a good primary opponent and to strengthen that candidacy and the foundation for a general. >> i woventure to say she is going to run, don't you. >> i would say she is going to be back here quite a bit. first for speeches and then for, what else, the fundraisers. yes. meanwhile, coming up. >> one more look at the top stories. >> including new rights for transgender students in california. how san francisco is leading the way. next f ,,,,,,,,
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san francisco fire chief jo hayes-white is banning helm cams. this after images surfaced of a fatal accident followi the asiana airlines crash in july. a video showed a department rig running over killing a girl who was coved with fire-retardant foam. the chief says she's concerd about the privacy of
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firefighters and victims. critics say it's more about liability. a law now signed by governor brown will give new rights to transgender studes in public schools. similar s are already in place in san francisco... providing stud access to the bathrooms and sports teams of their choic this morning kevin gogin of francisco unified said he w with each student, the stu's parents, as well as the sch the goal is to do what's be for him or her. egypt has increased security today at a key courthouse. comes as another round of ms rallies are being pl f ousted president >> that comes as another round of mass rallies are being planned by supporters about morsi. at least 1,000 people have been killed since wednesday. >> and i would like to remind you that face the nation starts in just a few minutes here. >> for us, the news continues on our cw network. michelle obama opening up about the white house. does she think there will be a female commander in chief in her lifetime. that is over on channel 44
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starting at 8:30 this morning. in a couple of minutes. let's look at the forecast. it is warm. >> it should be a pretty nice day for anything happening in the city today. we will be looking for more sunshine. temperatures warming up a bit. san jose tops out at 85. morgan hill at 95. santa clare aat 88. pleasanton at 97. 100 in livermore today. and in san francisco, 72. that's going to be nice. and then hayward 82. extended forecast, don't forget the fire alerts posted because of a potential for a fire. we start to cool slowly the latter half of the week. >> the san hoe pride celebration features something new thissaer. >> weddings. same-sex marriages are legal in california. they are offering on-site
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marriages this week. about 1200 people were at discovery meadow park yesterday and they expect a bigger crowd today. san jose pride festival runs from noon until 7:00. >> three, two, one. >> the sights and sounds of the middle ages filled golden gate park this weekend. it was the celebration of the archery and arts. there was also a competition where participants read original poetry. >> and everybody dressed up like robin hood. a lot of fun things going on today. enjoy whatever you choose to do. >> thanks for joining us. and remember face the nation is next. >> we're jumping over to the cw network if you want to come over with us. channel 44. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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>> schieffer: today on "face the nation," egypt in chaos, hundreds dead, over a thousand wounded. the violence continues but can the united states do anything about it? when the egyptian military launched a brutal crackdown on protesters supported ousted president morsi, the president condemned the violence. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional operation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> schieffer: but what can we do now? we'll go to cairo for the latest and we'll talk to south carolina senator lindsey graham just back from the region. we'll ask california democratic congresswoman jackie speier about the pentagon's new rules on sexual assault. she says they are not enough. and we'll ask newor

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